Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why Raanan Katz Said Sorry To His Attorney Alan Kluger?

During Raanan Katz deposition in copyright case his attorney, Alan Kluger, got hot. Alan Kluger was desperate to call Judge King, but...didn't. Why? Later, Alan Kluger was sanctioned by the Court for this behavior.
But, why Raanan Katz said "Sorry"...

"MR. KLUGER: Excuse me.
Raanan Katz: Okay.
MR. KLUGER: Look at -- look at me.
Raanan Katz: Yeah.
MR. KLUGER: Are you the lawyer?
Raanan Katz: No, I'm sorry.
MR. KLUGER: I've let you ask all of this because I think you've established enough of a record to show that you have no good faith. If you don't get into relevant things I'm going to stop the deposition, get Judge King on the phone, and I'm going to ask you to be prepared to read back the litany of abusive questions that he's been asking. So you are at your peru, go ahead, take your best shot, ask your next questions. What he does every day, how much time he goes to his shopping centers. I've let you get into it. I've let him tell you what his job is. I've let him tell you job description. I've let him go through offices because you're entitled to that. Right now, you're being abusive and it's just in line with you and your client.
People who begin to look like they're dogs and you're beginning to act like your client. So either ask
relevant questions or I'm just going to get Judge King on the phone and let him decide -- appoint a special master, and the rule on every question. That's what I'm at right now."

Monday, March 31, 2014

How Raanan Katz Acknowledged Something That Didn't Happen?

We all know that Raanan Katz filed a lawsuit alleging copyright violation of his "unflattering face", but not many people know what is behind Raanan Katz copyright game. 
Raanan Katz purportedly stated that he obtained the ownership rights to his "unflattering face" from person "A".
Raanan Katz purportedly signed an agreement of "ownership transfer-assignment" and supposedly made some payment "consideration" to the person "A".
...But, look what Raanan Katz states during his deposition. RAANAN KATZ DID NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT for obtaining alleged "copyright work".
Obviously, Raanan Katz printed his "unflattering face" from online (as he does not have the original image per his own testimony) and simply claimed the ownership on it. Then, Mr.Katz filed lawsuit alleging damages and COPYrights.
When Court ordered Raanan Katz to produce "damages" Raanan Katz testified that he had non.
No surprise, Raanan Katz was sentenced to jail for perjury in MA (yes, according to Mr.Katz it was long... long...long time ago) .
Here is extract from Raanan Katz deposition related to assignment CONSIDERATION .
"Attorney: You know, this only document or this only document was done -- was done by, there is no any other documents. It was prepared by your attorneys.
Raanan Katz: Yes.
Attorney: Okay. And did you review the document prior to assigning it?
Raanan Katz: If I review that, yes.
Attorney: Yeah. And you were comfortable with the language of the assignment?
Raanan Katz: Yes.
Attorney: Did you understand the language of the assignments?
Raanan Katz: Yes. Anything -- anything said that that will make you -- send me back no, assigned is to me, I'll be satisfied.
Attorney: Okay. So, what was the consideration that you gave to Mr. Magriso? It says that you gave him consideration.
Raanan Katz: I did that. Originally, I offered him $500 but again, but -- but he refused to take it, so he never got any money from me.
Attorney: I understand he refused. Did -- did you offer him the money prior to signing the agreement?
Raanan Katz: I told if you know anything, 1 will do it for him, but even if he say no, he say no at that time, even before it was signed with him. And nevertheless, my attorney put on may be that we -- we can give some consideration but he never -- he never took it because as you know he apologized for his mistake.
Attorney: But did you give him any consideration?
Raanan Katz: No.
MR. KLUGER (Raanan Katz attorney): Objection. Already asked and answered.
Raanan Katz: No, na.
MR. KLUGER (Raanan Katz attorney): Excuse me, when I speak -
Raanan Katz: Okay.
MR. KLUGER: You stop or I can leave. I mean, if you don't really don't care what I do, I'll just leave. I can get a tape. You've asked him the question, I imagine and he's told you no consideration, he told you that. If you ask it again I'm going to have to instruct him not to answer yau got one more -- you can ask him again.
Attorney: Okay.
Raanan Katz: Shut it off.
Attorney: So when this says that -- that that you've acknowledged that it was received that's an
incorrect statement in this document, is that correct?
Raanan Katz: Say it again.
Attorney: In the document it says, "The receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged" -
Raanan Katz: Nm-hmrn.
Attorney: But that's not correct, true?
Raanan Katz: I don't say that's his -- I don't remember. I just sent it to him the way he -- the way I received it and I cannot answer that. So, you just ask my attorney about it.
Attorney: No, but you're -- you've explained that you did not give him any consideration -
Raanan Katz: Yes.
Attorney: That's fair that's an the record.
Raanan Katz: Yes.
Attorney: But the -- the next part which we haven't gotten to, which we're getting to right now,
"The receipt and sufficiency of which are hereby acknowledged."
MR. KLUGER: Okay. What's your question?
Attorney: How are you acknowledging something that didn't happen?
MR. KLUGER (Raanan Katz attorney): Okay. This calls for a legal conclusion as you well know but he wouldn't know and under the eight corners consideration asking somebody to do something and as he described to you they may have wanted to help him is sufficient as a matter of law.
So, the witness has already told you that no money transferred hands and now you're just harassing the witness, so."

Friday, March 28, 2014

Why Raanan Katz Is Affraid to Go To Trial In Federal Copyright Case?

Raanan Katz, RK Centers and Miami Hear Owner, is scared to go to TRIAL in one of his many frivolous cases. But this case is special, it's about Raanan Katz face-that is unflattering in it, as claimed by Raanan Katz.
Today, Raanan Katz filed a motion to STAY federal "unflattering Raanan Katz face" case, almost two years after starting it.

Raanan Katz killing argument "Plaintiff, Raanan Katz, hereby files this Reply in Support of bis Alternative Motion to Stay Pending Resolution of the State Court Action (the "Alternative Motion to Stay"), and states as follows:
Plaintiff, Raanan Katz, respectfully requests that in the event this Court does not grant Plaintiff's pending Motion for Summary Judgment or Motion in Limine, that this Court stay this case pending the resolution of the State Court Action, and award Plaintiff such other and further relief as this Court deems just and proper."

Funny enough, Raanan Katz filed newly manufactured frivolous motion after all motion deadlines established by the Federal Court. But, Raanan Katz keeps filing....filing...filing.
After all, Raanan Katz has a great package of "great" and well paid attorneys, Alan Kluger and Todd Levine.

Poorly minded Raanan Katz does not even consider that Summary Judgement could be ruled against him, like Court of Appeal, for example, did-surprise!!!

Obviously, it's up to the Federal Court to rule on Raanan Katz "unflattering face" matter, but how Raanan Katz could possible request the court to grant him summary judgement based on the reason that opposing summary judgement should be denied?!? Things happen...only, when you cannot establish your claims on the matter of law and facts.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

RK Centers Suing The Same Tenant Over And Over And Over Again

On March 11, 2014, one of many RK Centers companies, 18100 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CENTER LTD, filed new lawsuit in North Dade Court (13-2014-CC-003638-0000-23). Per court records, 18100 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CENTER LTD requests the court to ORDER FUNDS TO BE PAID INTO COURT REGISTRY. In a simple language, Raanan Katz company claims that THIS TENANT owes money to RK Centers and Raanan Katz.

Interestingly, in Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, the same Raanan Katz company, 18100 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CENTER LTD, on January 14, 2013 filed lawsuit against  the same tenant and got default judgement against this tenant on February 26, 2013 in the amount $371,265.54 against corporate tenant and additional  $133,071.10 against owner of the business.

After obtaining default  judgement in the astonishing amount totaling $504,336.64 in Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, Raanan Katz, RK Centers, and 18100 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CENTER LTD decided to go to get more money in another court that is conveniently located closer to RK Centers headquarter in Sunny Isles Beach Florida, North Dade Court.

Interestingly, 18100 COLLINS AVENUE SHOPPING CENTER LTD sued the same tenant at least FIVE times prior to these lawsuits.

Obviously, North Dade Court complaint does not mention Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court order with $504,336.64 benefits to Katzes family already granted.


Monday, March 17, 2014

What Raanan Katz and RK Centers Consider As Breaking News?

What Raanan Katz and RK Centers Consider As Breaking News? Obviously, not Judge Lisa Walsh orders as they are very planned ahead and coordinated!!!

Raanan Katz and RK Centers recently posted Breaking News online!!!
"Raanan Katz and RK Centers update Website to show new Pembroke Square Configuration
Updated today: Here is the new configuration of RK Pembroke Square. Demolition and the proceeding construction is scheduled to start Spring 2014."

This is really breaking NEWS! Now, Raanan Katz and RK Centers can claim damages associated with demolition of Pembroke Square (possibly named in honor of square headed Kevin Belmont) in Judge Lisa Walsh Court only.

I am sure, attorneys like Alan Kluger and Tood Levine (привокзальные мусорки) will be able to convince Judge Walsh to find some PUBLIC, HUMAN resources to compensate Raanan Katz and RK Centers damages resulted from demolition.

The best advantage to have this matter  handle by Judge Walsh, the claims do not need to specify details or facts:who, where, why, what, and how. It needs only state that damages are uncountable and claims must be handed by Alan Kluger personally. Did I break any news, opps!!!!

I have another idea that could be considered as breaking NEWS. Raanan Katz, his wife Phyllis Katz are both have "unflattering" faces published online. According to rumors (from space monkeys), Raanan Katz is in direct competition with Phyllis Katz on "who's face is more unflattering".  The decision will be tough, considering the two have three "beautiful" kids with the faces derived from parents.
I must assume, Raanan Katz is jealous of strong competition from his wife.
Phyllis Katz "unflattering" face made all the way to New York Times, while Raanan Katz "unflattering" picture is all over the internet... Did I break any news here?!?

RK Centers, Raanan Katz: Judge Walsh Canceled Hearing On Motion To Compel Raanan Katz Deposition

Judge Lisa Walsh cannot hide her "sympathy" to Raanan Katz and continue issuing unlawful orders. Of course, who is going support her election campagne. We live in world of biased Judge Lisa Walsh from Miami Dade Court.

Do you believe that the court cannot find time to rule on the motions to compel for THREE YEARS?
Do you believe that any normal court would not grant motion to compel Raanan Katz discovery? Judge Walsh refused!!! Unbelievably biased Judge Walsh. She is not afraid to violate the law and procedure acting in favor of rich Katz.

Today Judge Lisa Walsh of Miami Court entered an order canceling hearing... ON MOTION TO COMPEL RAANAN KATZ DEPOSITION.
What type of excuse Judge Walsh created this time together with Katz attorneys Alan Kluger ( Вонючее дерьмо) and Todd Levine.

Judge Walsh order stated that the hearing was not "COORDINATED". Now, what does she mean under coordinated, email communications to coordinate hearings apparently is not enough for Judge Walsh...
What is enough for Lisa Walsh? Abuse the law, procedure and act in favor of criminally convicted Katz (for lying to the court) who is ripping people off. Right!!!

Another interesting ruling made by Judge Walsh is that attorney Alan Kluger (Вонючее дерьмо) has immunity from the law and has a right to defame people. Opps, what about Florida Supreme Court 2013 decision? Judge Walsh skipped on that one as it was right to the point. Judge Walsh refused to sanction attorney Kluger for unprofessional behavior involving name calling. Opps, Federal Judge decided it was unacceptable. So, why Judge Walsh rulings are so different from other Judges... Others do not participate in sponsorship events-that is why!

Now, if you need to schedule a hearing you need to make sure to comply with Judge Walsh "coordination" standards: have 1893 Veuve Clicquot, beluga caviar and red carpet available.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Judge Lisa Walsh Ruled On Raanan Katz Unconstitutional Motion To Exclude Cameras In The Court

Raanan Katz filed unconstitutional motion preventing cameras in the court. Judge Lisa Walsh ruled on it. I am not publishing this order, so it will not be considered "served" through this publication.
I truly believe  that Judge Walsh favorite threats to FREEDOM OF SPEECH through  "criminal contempt" and "confiscation of the equipment" should be served to ALL media by the Judge Walsh herself.

For well known reason Judge Lisa Walsh did not publish this order on her 11th circuit court page.
We have a Judge in the case of freedom of speech who does not believe in FREEDOM herself.

If you are interested in attending hearings, recording them with CAMERA, please contact Judge Lisa Walsh chambers directly at https://www.jud11.flcourts.org/juddirdetails.aspx?judgeid=888&sectionid=21

See some details here
Lisa S Walsh
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Section: CA 32
Dade County Courthouse,
73 West Flagler Street Miami FL, 33130
Phone Number: (305) 349-7029
Room Number: DCC 817
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